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speaking different languages

How Traveling and Speaking 8 Languages Can Impact Your Life with Samantha Alvarez

What’s up Creative Hustlers! Today, Steven & Melissa interview Samantha Alvarez, the Creative Hustler who is trying to help people achieve stable income while becoming their best self! Join us while we discuss how traveling and speaking 8 languages can impact your life with Samantha Alvarez.

Imposter Syndrome

Let’s talk about Imposter Syndrome!

In this 3 oz or less, Steve & Melissa are talking about Imposter Syndrome! It’s important to note that the imposter syndrome happens to all of us! It’s easy to look at your competition on social media and think “damn, they’re killin’ it!” Keep reading to get Steven & Melissa’s take on Imposter Syndrome.

Not Everyone is Ready for Action

[Recap] Steven, Alan & Melissa recap Tuesday’s episode featuring Maresa Friedman. Maresa, or as she is known to many The Executive Cat Herder, is a high energy, higher impact business consultant focused on giving companies, (and entrepreneurs) the tools they need to reach goals they didn’t even consider to be attainable. Today we discuss Maresa, and the fact that Not Everyone is Ready for Action!