Before anything significant is accomplished, there is a thought. An idea, if you will. And today, more and more successful careers depend on the ability to come up with new ones at a steady pace.

According to some psychologists, creativity can be predicted using the Big Five personality traits model. Most of the time, people who are high in openness tend to be more curious and likely to come up with new and daring ideas.

At the same time, many scholars suggest that creativity can be enhanced. For instance, psychologist Dean Keith Simonton, author of Origins of Genius, argues that creativity depends heavily on nurture, not just good luck or good genes.

We share this belief and want to help you find your own personal path towards creativity.

How exactly?

With an infographic comprised of 21 techniques that will give you the necessary cognitive tools to access your brain’s hidden potential. What makes this list worth checking out are its brevity and precision. When you’re looking for immediate inspiration, there is no time to open a 300-page book on self-improvement, written by some extravagant lifestyle coach.

What you need are some proven ways to actualize your creative potential. For instance, you will find some helpful advice on how to best use your sleeping patterns.

In this infographic, you will find only reliable and actionable tips to help anyone rewire their brain and let their creativity flow. Scroll down and become more creative today!    

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