4 Reminders for turning inspiration into project “accomplished”

Do you ever find that a task or project takes longer than it should to get done, sometimes turning a simple one hour task into several hours or even days? Do you at have a pattern of beginning projects or tasks but not completing them? Many times I’ve found myself full of inspiration and ideas, wanting to make an idea manifest in some kind of way but not always being able to stay focussed and on track with getting the project to a place of relative completion.

At times, i’ve started on one project and later found myself working on an entirely different project only to realize I should have taken the advice of Ron Swanson, “Never half-ass two things. Whole -ass one thing.

Finishing a task efficiently requires proper planning and mindful activity. It takes realizing that every project includes a unique set of challenges, which are invisible to you at the start but become apparent to you very quickly. Do you have a pattern of beginning projects or tasks but not completing them?

Here are  4 simple reminders that I use in order to help move forward with inactive or slowed projects and tasks.

  1. Make no excuses. Let no excuse pass. Decide to finish “it” or at least a part of whatever “it” is you’re working on. In all honesty, I can be terrible at following through with things and – insert excuse here: I’ve got a large family and a business and a myriad of other distractions and excuses readily available as to why I didn’t/couldn’t get something done. However, taking full accountability…excuses are excuses. This is by far a serious factor as to why so many people don’t DO more to get more shit done in life.
  1. Remind yourself about the project or task at hand and re-energize! Remember what your motivations are for the project as well as your strategy and original goals both short and long-term. Adequate planning and re-evaluating is fundamental in order to confidently move forward and turn your project into a proud accomplishment. Don’t be fooled into thinking greatness will manifest from being unprepared and lazy, it won’t and you know better than that my friend.
  1. Action! Making moves towards those goals with a well thought out plan of action is what will bring the successful completion of the project. Staying on track is much easier when you’ve laid out a plan that will provide steps to the end goal. Benchmarks are naturally formed and as long as you don’t over clutter your mind with too much, your plan of action should lead you straight into your end goal or intended result.
  1. Get rid of your expectations for perfection. If you’re stalled at a point of the project and you keep revising it over and over again, save it for a later stage and move on to some component that is new. Return to it later on, your goal is to conclude the project, therefore keep your eye on the finish line. Go back to it afterwards and try splitting the task into many smaller task then concentrate on one-part at that time.

Setting a deadline and completion date for your task or project will help motivate you to stay on course and get things done. If you feel burnt out or distracted half-way into things, apply these 4 tips to help you move things along.

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