The modern digital nomad…

Inspired, location-independent, creative and affluent—is a new breed of individual roaming around the world for work and for pleasure. Often, they’re drawn by the prospect of creating their own work hours, but also by the ability to plug in and work from a remote destination. Our new report, The Nomad Class Debrief, explores this rising tribe of individuals, and their future impact on the workforce.

This ability to work remotely is something many full-time and in-house employees lust after. It give workers more time and opportunity to pursue their own interests, but it has also been proved to create happier and more efficient workers. While not every company can manage a completely remote workforce, any firm can apply learnings from awe-inspiring remote locations when designing offices to help employees think out of the box.

PSFK Labs highlights five of our favorite spots to kick back and get some work done. Stationary teams can pull from these co-working spaces when designing functional and fun office environments that invite employees to learn, explore and recharge as they work:

Reserve Vault City Club

Stay Exclusive Inside a Bank Vault
Located in downtown Los Angeles, Reserve Vault City Club is a coworking space nestled within the city’s old Federal Reserve Bank. Like the bank tellers before it, RVCC maintains a fun air of secrecy by having a members-only website and social media presence. This helps develop a community vibe that is more ‘speakeasy intimate’ than ‘office impersonal’.

Mountain hills

Hideaway on a Mountain Mansion Terrace
Swedish mountaintop mansion Högberga Gård, located in the archipelago of Stockholm, has been transformed from a private residence to a hotel and conference center, complete with remote working offices. Design private spaces that mimic Högberga Gård’s secluded nooks, terraces and swings.

first cabin capsule_2

Rest Within a Capsule
Tokyo is world famous for its minuscule capsule hotels—stacked rooms (capsules) that save on space and price while blocking distraction. First Cabin combines a capsule hotel with an office, offering Wi-Fi connectivity for in-pod productivity; replicate this zen focus center in a sleek and cushioned thinking space.

brooklyn boulders

Get Active on a Rock Climbing Wall
Need to blow off some work-related steam? Do so right at the office at Brooklyn Boulders’ Somerville, MA location, where a collaborative workspace is perched atop the facility’s 22-foot-tall climbing all. Offer employees dual-utility spaces that help them move as they work.

beautiful sail boat and hammocks at the Paradise Lake (Jericoacoara, Brazil)

Rejuvenate From a Kitesurfing Base
A coworking space on a Brazilian kitesurfing base, DNXCamp Jericoacoara accepts 15 nomads at a time and offers Wi-Fi connectivity, skill sharing and social events. Inspire colleagues with occasional natural adventure retreats to mimic the rejuvenation of this tropical paradise.

Originally posted on PSFK Labs. Inspired by a new generation of borderless creatives and professionals, PSFK Labs Nomad Class Debrief examines the emerging technologies and services that are connecting individuals as they work and travel around the globe. Download the full report here,request a presentation at your office and join the conversation on Twitter with#NomadClass.