If you work in a creative industry you’ve most likely already heard of Behance, Adobe’s portfolio hosting website. If you have heard of it hopefully you’re using it to draw from all the cool, inspiring stuff that’s constantly being added. If it’s not part of your habit already, I’d make a point to check it out once a week or so for some new ideas.




Much as the name implies, Designspiration was created as an inspirational website for your designs. They have a HUGE selection print, advertising and graphic design projects. Guaranteed to find more than a few cool pieces of work to spark some new ideas.


Shock Blast


Equally cool in layout as it is in content, Shock Blast displays a collage project portfolios from artwork to advertising to photography and more. One of my favorites and a great one to kill a little extra time on.


This Isn’t Happiness

this isnt happiness

Don’t let the ominous name shy you away, this site is beyond cool. Boasting a simpler layout than the other sites listed, This isn’t happiness makes up for it with the style and satire of the work they show.




Owning everything from painting to photography to sculpture to videos… If its artistic and creative, sooner or later it’ll grace the pages of Colossal.


The Tripatorium


This site is all videos, and as the name implies some of them can get pretty trippy. If your looking for something to chill out and get lost in after a tough day in the classroom or office, this is your site. Think youtube but after munching on a handful of mushrooms.