I’m pretty lucky to get to work with many amazing and talented creatives. Whether I’m crafting strategy for their clients, or helping the company themselves navigate through the white-noise of the modern-day marketplace, the one question I always seem to ask is: What does this do for the customer experience? ROI is not enough. We need to push through metrics and look at the brand experience.

One of the groups I do some work with is OpenEye Global, which is headquartered near the metro NYC area, but operates as a virtual agency, since there is no actual office. Part marketing & advertising, part technology, part content creation, all experiences, OEG (as we refer to ourselves at times) is more like a club of agency renegades, crafting unique in-store experiences for brands worldwide.

So what does this post have to do with technology you ask? Well, everything! Technology needs to be woven seamlessly into the brand strategy from day-1. Even if your brand is a personal one, think about how content is consumed. Think about who is consuming your content, and then from there strategize tactical executions to make that customer journey as easy as possible.

For reference, here are 5 steps to ensuring you are “future proofing” your brand strategy:

  1. Who are your customers? Where do they consume content?
  2. Ensure the content you are creating is optimized for whatever medium your customer consume their content
  3. KISS – Keep It Simple & Shareable
  4. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to build brand equity. Don’t take that responsibility lightly.
  5. Stop focusing on ROI. The return on experience (ROE) will often-times over shadow a surface-level metric.

For a killer example of this, lets look at an OpenEye Global case study on The Smithsonian in Washington DC.