Your location shouldn’t dictate your positioning. 

Sure, on a GPS it might. But in business as in life, where you are and what you stand for are two entirely different entities.

With the term ‘true north’ being thrown around from branding agencies to coffee shops, it’s not enough to just head straight towards one direction.

We need to be omnidirectional in our strategy and adaptive with our tactics.

This is especially true for location independent digital nomads.

We are not bound by walls, borders, or job descriptions.

We’re bound by our own set of rules, which we must first realize before we can be ‘all-in’ with this lifestyle.

Our personal set of rules is essentially our manifesto. Our credo. Our ethos.

Predicated on ensuring your core values and day-to-day actions are aligned, your personal brand positioning is essentially just that — your personal set of rules.

As digital nomads, we’re often searching for shiny bright new objects, white sand beaches, and opportunities to explore the uncomfortable and extraordinary.

While this is amazing for the adventure-seeker in you. For the brand in you, this can be disastrous.


For starters, a reactive brand doesn’t allow you to produce opportunities naturally. It doesn’t give you the fuel to play the long game because you’re constantly looking for little wins and short bursts of creativity.

While that may be fulfilling in the ‘now’, the true mark of a great brand (personal or now) comes from longevity, staying true to your promise and purpose, and always saying what you mean and doing what you say.

But Steven, how do I know if my brand is reactive or not? How do I know what my brand value really is?

Here’s a quick formula to gauge your brand.

Originally appearing on Visual Creatives, this simple formula is a lot easier than it looks.

I get it, math sucks. Except for when it comes to money, right? 🙂

The goal here is to increase brand value while setting a foundation for life.

This essentially means:

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand recognition
  • Customer loyalty
  • Expected brand behavior
  • And so much more

Use this formula as a guide to increasing brand value.

brand formula


Define who you are. What makes you unique. What’s the one thing you do that no one can take away from you?

Your brand has an identity; a personality.

Everything your brand says, does, how it looks, and how it functions must be in alignment, or you cannot grow brand value.


Identify your target customer.

Who are you trying to attract?

I know you want to sell to everyone, but in order to sell to anyone you need to appeal to someone specific.

The riches are in the niches. Make those niches your b!ches.


Understand your position in the marketplace.

This is more than knowing your USP (unique selling proposition). This is a matter of knowing your brand identity in comparison to the brand personalities of your competition.


Filter everything through your brand communication goals.

The possible goals are endless. But, as the saying goes, “if you aim at nothing you hit it every time.”

The goals for your brand experiences are your source of inspiration, and evaluation, for all ideas.


This is the foundation of your brand. Your WHY.

Your brand identity, plus your customer identity, plus your market position, filtered through your brand communication goals, is how you determine your brand story.

Your brandstory determines your expected brand behavior, brand values, voice, tone, image, and so much more.


The power of repetition.

There is an exponential power that comes from aligning your brand voice, values, tone, personality, identity, and behavior through all of your brand experiences.

Consistency over time is often the difference maker. Anyone can be hot out of the gate, but do you fade over time, or continue to thrive?

With this epic formula, you can calculate how to essentially brand yourself for life.

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