In today’s episode, Steven, Melissa, and Alan recap Tuesday’s episode with Kate Erickson from the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast. She’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs create freedom in their business and life through developing systems and processes to help them scale and grow their businesses.

[00:29] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[01:17] We’re recapping Kate Erickson’s episode.

[01:40] Kate is so genuine, and Melissa met her last year at Social Media Marketing World.

[02:18] Kate is the backend process queen.

[02:36] It’s hard to keep genuine in the entrepreneurial world. You get success and it can get to your head.

[03:14] Kate and her husband John Lee Dumas, moved to Puerto Rico and got their house slammed in the hurricane.

[03:54] Some people in Puerto Rico still don’t have power, but Kate mentioned a charity group on Facebook, called Adopt a Family in Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief.

[05:05] Kate & her husband took a personality test so John could convince Kate to leave her job and work with him.

[06:10] They took Sally Hogshead’s How to Fascinate archetype test to see strengths and weaknesses, and who can pick up slack!

[06:50] Marketing is all about archetypes.

[07:40] Kate is all about ensuring the process is efficient and working smoothly.

[07:55] Work on ONE system at a time and perfect it before moving on!

[09:25] Once you have a process in place, it’s about holding people accountable for their actions.

[09:58] How the process plays a role in success of podcasts!

[10:57] Shout Out to Wunderlist! Simple and efficient task list tool!

[11:50] Keeping people accountable to the process, like recording, production, editing, is critical.

[14:30] How Kate got back on the process wagon after the hurricane in Puerto Rico!

[15:30] Kate would grab a drink with Jane Austen! Which we weren’t really sure who she was.

[16:13] If you google Jane Austen, her “movies” come up, Clueless actually pops up!

[17:40] Last time The Creative Hustler has read a fiction book!

[19:20] Balance your non-fiction reading with a fictional book.

[19:50] Clueless is actually based on Jane Austen’s book, Emma!

[20:00] Check out Entrepreneur on Fire, and also Kate’s podcast, Kate’s Take!

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[21:08] Peace Out, Creative Hustlers!

[21:16] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle

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