Today on The Creative Hustler, Steven, Melissa and Alan recap Tuesday’s interview with Paige Wilhide. Paige is the founder of Paige Media, a video agency specifically for building personal brands.

[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[01:06] Steven & Melissa went to visit Alan!

[02:02] Shout out to Nicole Lilioa, she introduced us to Paige.

[03:20] Shout out to WeWork!

[03:55] Paige is an old soul.

[05:25] Video is about consistency.

[06:30] Paige Media has a video strategy package and other services on her site.

[07:12] Don’t just do a video for the sake of doing it.

[08:30] Paige has affordable services on her website, geared to personal branding.

[08:55] Putting your prices on your website. Good or bad?

[09:44] Creative Hustler likes putting prices on the website.

[10:30] Prices may only to apply to a certain size clientele.

[10:50] Paige focuses on personal branding for influencers.

[11:20] Paige’s starting package is $497

[11:30] Video content: What do you do with all of it?

[12:15] We’re giving Sling Studio a shot for video content.

[12:55] Paige has moved to L.A from New York City.

[13:27] We live in the age of the internet, so if you move you don’t have to start over.

[14:15] Personal branding is big in L.A

[15:50] It’s about working smarter, not harder.

[15:19] Check out Paige at her website

[15:40] If you do video right, you can turn it into 5 pieces of content.

[16:20] You need to tag your video right to leverage SEO.

[17:03] Google bought YouTube because it’s the second biggest search engine!

[17:40] SEO takes in all the different sites. Take pieces of content and post to LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook!

[18:12] Leveraging video to rank!

[19:15] Having video helps your marketing and your branding!

[19:45] If you do it right, you’ll captivate an audience.

[20:00] Your video is your short game, and your SEO is the long game.

[20:25] Did video kill the radio star?

[20:35] That’s a Wrap, Creative Hustler! Please leave us a review, and check us out at and

[21:14] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle

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