[Interview] What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa here. Today, from Brooklyn New York, we’re talking with Wendy Kim, an entrepreneur, blogger, public speaker and business coach.

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[01:07] What’s up Creative Hustlers, today we’re talking to Wendy Kim!

[01:12] What’s up Wendy! Tell us about yourself, and what makes YOU a Creative Hustler!

[01:25] When Wendy thinks of a hustler, she thinks of a mom!

[02:30] Wendy was in the corporate world for 15 years, but she couldn’t do it all. Taking care of family, yourself and a demanding job… so she had to get Creative!

[03:50] Being a creative hustler isn’t working yourself to the bone, but how can you be more and do less?

[04:48] People don’t always realize what Creative Hustler actually means!

[05:29] How Wendy went from corporate life to helping mother’s realize their dreams.

[06:25] Wendy couldn’t live like that anymore, so she tried to figure out what skill she had that could help people!

[07:13] Wendy’s background was program management for Playstation, and she moved into an entrepreneur focused on finances first.

[07:52] You need to be clear on what your WHY is.

[08:21] Just because you’re a mom, doesn’t mean you can’t be a successful entrepreneur.

[09:10] Wendy kept getting moms asking her how she built her business, and she stepping into coaching them, and that’s her now focus!

[09:39] What Wendy does for Moms!

[10:30] Wendy helps moms with a timeline, a plan, and accountability to succeed.

[11:24] Having accountability as a Creative Hustler is so important.

[11:40] When you start a new traditional job, you usually get a buddy or a mentor. Whereas, when you start your business, you have a desk and YouTube.

[13:28] It takes a community to be an entrepreneur.

[14:00] You need an ECOsystem, not an EGOsystem as an entrepreneur.

[15:00] How to lose your ego when you’re an entrepreneur.

[15:50] Wendy followed the formula, checked all the boxes to get success, so she thought it would be easy to transition into entrepreneur life, but she was wrong!

[17:20] Entrepreneurs need a team they can outsource to!

[18:40] You don’t need to hide behind technology! You can tell people you have a business right away!

[19:27] With her Facebook group, Wendy wants to empower moms both in their business and in their life!

[22:29] Building a community in your Facebook groups, and run it like a Mastermind.

[23:33] Mindset is Wendy’s biggest challenge for entrepreneur life.

[25:10] If you do the right things for yourself and other people, you will feel better and be the type of person people want to be around.

[26:40] People wear their work hours as a badge of honor in society today, and it’s wrong.

[27:23] Wendy is all about being PRESENT for your clients.

[28:28] Having headspace allows you to come back with a refreshed mind.

[29:00] Wendy takes more vacations & more time with her family now.

[29:30] It comes down to ego and self-worth. People need validation by being busy.

[30:00] You’re never going to get enough external validation, you need internal!

[31:45] When you leave America, you realize there’s another way to live!

[33:20] This year, Wendy is not eating lunch while working.

[33:55] ImpactHub Siracusa made lunch for everyone to have a break.

[35:00] Traveling gives you empathy, and you need empathy to be an entrepreneur.

[36:50] Doing what you’re passionate about philanthropically is amazing.

[37:15] There’s more to life than just working!

[38:00] Wendy would have a kombucha with Oprah in the Promised Land, because she inspires her.

[40:34] Where Wendy lives on the internet!

[40:50] Wendy has a free worksheet to find your passion!

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Contact Wendy Kim:

Email: wendy@yourdreamrealized.com

Blog/Website: http://www.yourdreamrealized.com

Facebook Group- Empower Moms: https://www.facebook.com/groups/304286626640528/?ref=br_rs