What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven here. Today, from about 9000 ft in elevation in the Colorado Rockies, we’re talking with Varun & Rahul Aggarwal, Founders of Design Hill, a complete graphic design solution for small business owners looking to take the headache out of sourcing and dealing with designers.

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[00:16] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

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[01:24] More about Varun & Rahul, and what makes them Creative Hustlers.

[02:18] How they got the idea for Design Hill.

[04:05] Created Design Hill to avoid the headaches for both sides.

[05:43] The first year was a struggle for Design Hill, but it has grown.

[06:50] Varun & Rahul had to build a 360-degree presence.

[07:30] Did Design Hill start out to be an American brand? Or did it just happen?

[09:05] How the Design Hill platform operates as a platform.

[10:15] Catering to everyone, from a mom & pop shop to a major law firm.

[11:11] It’s so important to listen to your audience.

[12:12] Multiple roads to the same product are so useful.

[12:38] How Design Hill focuses on getting designers AND customers.

[13:45] Facebook & Instagram works great to find designers.

[14:55] What platforms did NOT work well for Design Hill.

[15:50] It’s about building a community, and giving valuable content to improve the business.

[16:55] Building a community, and building that trust, and then pitch the hook.

[17:34] Design Hill has tried and failed multiple times in trying to get clients.

[19:08] Add value while promoting yourself.

[19:53] The process to get organic success in your business.

[20:45] There are a number of factors, and you have to do everything and keep doing it for SEO.

[22:10] Everything that you do, be consistent.

[22:32] What’s next for Varun & Rahul.

[22:53] Launching an artificial intelligence logo maker.

[23:24] Moving into the printing side of branding as well.

[24:22] Where Varun & Rahul live on the internet.

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[25:37] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle

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