The Creative Hustler LIVE at the SoCal Marketing Club! In this value-packed episode, you’ll hear how to optimize your website for mobile SEO and mobile conversions from top digital rockstars from SEMrush, Neil Patel Digital, and Pacific Digital Group! 

Marcela De Vivo – SEMrush

Marcela De Vivo is an International Corporate Speaker for SEMrush, a Serial Entrepreneur, and Founder of Gryffin.

Jeff Carpenter – Neil Patel Digital

Jeff has been in the online marketing industry since 1999. From the agency side, Jeff has enhanced the online visibility of a multitude of clients including Qualcomm, Oakley, Mitsubishi, ADT, SureFire Flashlights and Odyssey Golf.

Hussein Ebied – Pacific Digital Group

Hussein is Senior Director of Strategy at PACIFIC. He brings over 11 years of digital marketing experience to the team and serves as the agency’s global strategy lead.

Ashley Ward – SEMrush

Ashley Ward is a Corporate Speaker for SEMrush, an all-in-one digital marketing tool. Her passion is focused on helping businesses and marketing professionals gain long-term ROI through teaching content and social media marketing.

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[00:16] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:47] Live from HOLONIS Studios, it’s the SoCal Marketing Club July Event!

[00:55] Great interviews coming up, plus John Bertino!

[01:23] We’re back with Marcela De Vivo from SEMRush.

[01:30] Marcela’s last name means “Of Life”

[02:00] What Marcela is excited about for mobile and tonight’s panel.

[02:55] How you search for things on your phone is different then your computer.

[03:19] Alan’s perspective on mobile conversations with clients.

[04:40] Who’s on tonight’s panel, and what Marcela hopes tonight gives people!

[05:20] Mobile has to become a fire.

[05:30] You start with the user experience, make sure it’s a responsive site.

[06:40] Do you have to optimize differently for Mobile and Desktop?

[08:20] Attribution is so important.

[08:44] It all comes from the user experience and the design.

[09:38] Where Marcela lives on the internet.

[09:57] Welcome Jeff Carpenter from Neil Patel Digital.

[10:30] Neil Patel Digital is a thought leader in the space, and some big things are coming.

[11:45] They have 50 years experience in SEO.

[12:00] How much of Neil Patel Digital strategy is focused on digital.

[14:30] It is always about what the client wants you to do.

[15:52] What Jeff hopes people leave here with: mobile experience is user experience.

[17:15] Where Jeff lives on the internet.

[18:20] We’re back with Hussein Ebied from Pacific Digital Group.

[18:52] What are the biggest issues for brand’s stepping into the mobile game.

[19:53] Have others use your site and tell you how they feel about it.

[21:29] We did everything Google told us to.

[23:23] What Hussein hopes people leave here with.

[24:28] What Pacific Digital Group does.

[25:27] Where you can find Pacific Digital online.

[25:39] We’re back with Ashley Ward.

[26:06] Don’t forget to check out SEMRush!

[26:19] Mobile Get-In part 2.

[26:47] It’s about going in your customer’s mind, and finding out what they are doing on mobile.

[27:29] In Ashley’s Buzzfeed test, Some actionable items being looked up were Your Momma Jokes.

[29:14] Melissa, Steven, and his father were sitting around the table, and he picks up his phone, and googled a term from the 60s, and found it on Urban Dictionary.

[31:00] Position 0 is the thing right now. What is it?

[32:00] Is it ever too early to start thinking of mobile?

[33:31] Is it expensive to put a mobile strategy together? SEMRush is only $99/month.

[34:55] Where Ashley lives on the Internet.

[35:28] Back with John Bertino, who put together the fantastic panel.

[36:32] Tonight was really about branding thinking about consumers first.

[37:10] How do you get your consumer there the quickest way possible.

[37:29] Hussein’s quotes: Think about your website as a self-serve kiosk, and The best thing an SEO person can do is pair with a creative.

[38:59] User experience metrics is a heavily rated factor, almost more than links.

[39:44] Being a part of digital conversations has made Steven a better brander.

[40:20] Neil Patel Digital brought a posse tonight, and Pacific Digital Group is a great agency.

[41:19] What is a site audit, and how it works.

[43:19] Get a 14 Day Free Trial of SEMRush!

[43:46] Not enough brands are thinking about a separate mobile experience.

[44:15] If your customer is on mobile, give them an experience that lends itself to that.

[44:43] Number of cell phones sold just today is over 5 million.

[45:40] Good discussion about the internet of things as well.

[46:16] You’re not unique or alone. Everyone is facing the challenges as well.

[47:19] John Bertino’s episode (The second episode) is the second most popular episode ever.

[48:08] If you want to know more about the PSOAS stretch go to John’s episode.

[48:26] What’s going on with the SoCal Marketing Club right now.

[49:46] SoCal is the second Silicon Valley.

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[53:25] We love you, Peace out Creative Hustlers!

[53:35] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


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