What’s Up, Creative Hustlers!?

Steven and Melissa here. We’re starting off the year with a bonus episode to set our intentions with you for the upcoming year and to share our thoughts on each intention. 

Living intentionally is a big part of our #CreativeHustler lifestyle, so who would we be if we’re not truthful and authentic about what we want for this year?

That’s why for 2017 we’re setting 17 Intentions and we’d like to share those intentions with you.

In 2017, we Intend to:

  1. Be happier (efficient, balanced etc…)  as a husband/wife team. [0:57]
  2. Be more creative[2:40]
  3. Be more spontaneous [3:20]
  4. Be more spiritual [3:56]
  5. Be more loving [4:57]
  6. Be more understanding [5:56] 
  7. Be more efficient with our time and resources [6:47]
  8. Be more empathetic to those less fortunate [9:04]
  9. Be smarter with money and spending [11:03]
  10. Be open to opportunities that we would have shunned in the past [11:36]
  11. Get rid of all the negative people, space, and time sucks in our life [12:05]
  12. Sweat more  [13:41]
  13. Explore California, there is so much to see [14:53]
  14. Be more focused [15:11]
  15. Make stricter deadlines on projects [16:38]
  16. Be a dreamer, but be a doer [17:04]
  17. Help you with your goals, aspirations, and dreams [17:15]