What’s up, creative hustlers! Steven here from Impact Hub, Siracusa with another bonus episode! Today I’m talking about 5 ways to marketing your non-profit organization!

[00:31] What’s up Creative Hustlers! Steven here! Talking about 5 Ways to Market your non-profit organization!

[00:55] in 2009, Steven started a non-profit called SDEAG – The San Diego Entertainment & Arts guild

[01:25] It’s all about bringing together the entertainment industries in San Diego.

[02:00] Steven is working on San Diego Jazz Compilation.

[02:15] Most non-profits don’t have a budget or even a marketing person.

[02:31] Number 1: Don’t just have a mission statement, have a BRAND PROMISE!

[03:20] It’s difficult to operate a non-profit where you don’t make a profit.

[03:38] Number 2: Know who you’re marketing to!

[04:00] You need to know your audience types.

[04:43] Number 3: Create a brand ambassador program.

[05:05] Peer to peer marketing works really well with non-profit groups.

[05:50] If you have a brand strategy, you can attach to emotional triggers to help your marketing.

[06:18] Number 4: Engaging with thought leadership and content marketing.

[06:40] The most impactful nonprofits are leveraging this idea of community and modern marketing tactics to drive their strategy.

[07:30] There is no better way to build trust and authority then being being a podium, or with a pen in your hand!

[07:57] Number 5: Be a social storyteller.

[08:10] Look at CONY 2012, or the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge.

[09:30] Hope these tips are helpful! Let me know on Twitter!

[09:45] Don’t forget to visit us at TheCreativeHustler.com, or LatinandCode.com!

[09:51] Peace Out, Creative Hustlers!

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