What’s Up, Creative Hustlers!

Today we’ll be talking with Joseph Kennedy, the Founder of Content Pathway, the UK’s first and only environmental copywriting agency. He’s a digital nomad, world traveler, content creator, and English teacher in Tarifa, Spain.

Joseph is also the author of Stingy Nomad, a book on how to save double in half the time, hack world exploration with dozens of money saving travel tips and create a digital income that will allow you to kill routine, abandon office life and work as much as you like

[00:52] Joseph is a true romantic at heart. Currently, he is in Tarifa, the southernmost coast of Spain. From his balcony, he can Morocco and the Atlantic Ocean. Not a bad view to wake up to in the morning. Tarifa where the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea meet.

[5:56] Soul and Motown guy, Joseph sweats the smooth soothing sounds of Al Green. On Friday nights, you’ll find Joseph at the local Motown night at the Soul Cafe.

[9:40] In talking with Joseph, we started to pick up on just how romantic and deep his sense wonder truly is. After reading the book Night Train to Lisbon one thought continuously stuck out to Joseph – that humans only live a small part of what’s inside of them, so the question becomes, what happens to the rest us?

[11:20] Steven and Joseph share philosophical moments and logic based understanding through literature. It’s more the why than the what [14:50].

[15:14] Joseph isn’t just the author of the Stingy Nomad, he’s also lived it. While travel Spain, Joseph volunteered with Workaway.info  where he would work 4 hours a day with food and lodging accommodations provided by him in exchange for different jobs and task. Joseph shares some of his experiences while volunteering with Workaway.

Joseph recent travels include Cambodia, Thailand, and Spain. We’re pretty sure he’s found pure love living in Spain. The way he describes his surroundings is utterly romantic.

[17:20] His go-to travel bag is Equator – Cabin Max. Flight Approved Backpackers Backpack. Comfortable, Durable, Lightweight, Water Resistant.

[22:32] We need an Evernote expert!

Translate apps

[26:43] Be careful your hair doesn’t get lost in translation like Joseph’s did in Italy.

[27:46] We’ve found that a common denominator amongst a lot of traveling creatives is loneliness. Joseph describes one of the biggest challenges living this lifestyle. Hint: he’s really close to his mom. Aww!

[28:29] FOMO His friends describe him as a lizard because he’s constantly chasing the weather. But Joseph describes his travels as something more.

[30:50] Tips for curing the loneliness

[37:37] Looking for a hangover cure?

[44:14] We asked if Joseph had any tips for #CreativeHustlers. He had quite a few tips to share, but his #1 tips were “know your limitations.”

[49:07] Joseph’s take on the highlight reel and being a realist. Being truthful about his struggles. Are you going towards the dropouts or are you going towards the successes?

[49:28] Did Joseph just make Melissa cry during the interview?

[51:00] Without struggle there is no hustle.

[52:00] “vale la pena?” Which means “Is it worth it?” in Spanish – find out if it is.

[55:00] Digital Nomad life is the new comfort in being uncomfortable.  The uncomfortable struggle is still better than the comfortable job.

[55:48] Global and historic scale —>>> Nomadic  -> tribal -> civilized -> and it’s almost like we’re undoing it. People are becoming nomadic/independent again. People want to break off.

[57:30] The impact of travels and creative entrepreneurship have had on Joseph have been life changing, like many, but it’s ingrained something larger in his character that’s allowed him to understand that communication is vital, and learning Spanish has opened him up to millions of people.

[1:00:07] Joseph’s unfinished business with Asia and the beautiful insanity that comes with it.

[1:01:30] The love of a being a teacher as a side hustle, who becomes not just a teacher, but a psychologist, historian, geographer, performer, friend, educator, etc.

[1:04:40] Melissa’s moment of hustle

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