Today we’ll be talking with Adrian Solgaard. Adrian is a serial Entrepreneur. World Traveler, and the CEO & Founder of Lifepack Backpacks, which is the world’s most badass mobile office.

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What makes Adrian a #CreativeHustler? At [1:24] his answer started with, “Adrian the Canadian,” need we say more?

Adrian’s Inspiration Moment: “The most impressive people I know are people that spent their time with their heads down getting shit done for a long, long time.” -Sam Oltman [10:20]

  • [2:58] Adrian wakes up in one of the most inspiring ways possible, without an alarm, at his body’s desire. How the hell does he make that work
  • [9:35] Steven and Adrian get inspirational about time, business and philosophy.
  • [14:10] Invented for his then crush [now girlfriend], check out what the creator of the most badass mobile office has in his Lifepack Backpack
  • [22:22] Slack is transforming the way teams work together remotely. Adrian’s love for Slack goes beyond communication, it’s vital to his business success.
  • [31:14] Adrian gets real about the loneliness that comes along with living a creative hustler lifestyle.
  • [36:34] If Adrian is up 30,000 feet in the air w/ no wifi and no in­seat entertainment he’s chillin’ out, resting and quite possibly with a gin, better yet, check out Adrian’s specialty gin recipes at [36:34].
  • [49:00] Adrian travels around the world, splitting his time between Asia, Europe, and North America mostly, but has spent quite a bit of time in many different cities and countries, such as; Denmark, Spain, Amsterdam, Norway, etc. Find out how travel has impacted Adrian and his business decisions at [49:00].


Adrian Solgaard