[Recap] Today Steven, Alan and Melissa recap Travis Bennett interview. Travis is a digital agency owner and founder of Nomad Stack and Studio Digita, one of the web’s top resources for digital nomads and location independent creative hustlers!

[0:03] Don’t get hustled by agencies – Check out The Agency Guys!

[01:14] S.H.I.T = So Happy It’s Thursday!

[01:48] Travis Bennett is NOT related to Tony Bennett

[02:00] Travis Bennett should visit San Diego!

[02:27] The history of Burma

[02:45] Travis started an agency (StudioDigita) and lives as a digital nomad.

[04:35] How Steven & Melissa got connected with Travis.

[04:40] Travis’s side hustle – NomadStack!

[05:45] Digital Nomad & Family Life

[06:20] NomadStack has so many features & resources on the site!

[07:07] You need to make the decision to go all in, and THEN visit NomadStack!

[07:55] The struggles of being a digital nomad: Lack of Wifi!

[08:05] The anxiety of NOT being connected 24/7

[09:45] Mindlessly scrolling Social Media is second nature.

[10:20] When in line, get on your phone!

[10:50] Why is it so awkward to start a conversation in line?

[11:25] People will do anything to avoid being present!

[11:40] Challenge to the #CreativeHustlers! Be in the moment!

[12:17] Growing up before social media: Just don’t die.

[13:06] NomadStack allows you to have adventure in your life.

[13:48] 2nd World Nations vs. First World Nations.

[14:44] Some more detail about Myanmar’s infrastructure.

[15:30] The bad tales of Marketing.

[15:50] The culture shift from Australia and Myanmar.

[16:20] The issue with the restaurant business.

[17:03] Instant gratification in the restaurant industry.

[17:30] What happened to Mogul?

[17:40] The definition of a STACK.

[18:36] Stack is a buzzword.

[18:54] Stack deals with multiple channels of information.

[19:22] Linking to other sites on social media. & Backlinks.

[20:12] Use your google analytics.

[20:30] The links in the show notes is an example of Backlinks!

[20:55] Steven’s old school rock band website.

[21:20] Overstuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey!

[22:00] Links are only the beginning, it’s about WHO you know.

[22:22] Bring the Tito’s to the party: Link to other people to show love!

[23:00] Screw those people gaming the system!

[23:16] The SEO is now about quality content, and bringing the purity back.

[23:40] Do the right thing! You core values need to be in line.

[24:01] A bad backlink could be detrimental to your brand.

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[24:35] Alan, teacher at USD will teach you about SEO.

[24:53] Steven defies the time-space continuum and tells us about a future/past interview.

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[25:30] Time to bring it FULL CIRCLE! SEO, Stacks, and so much more!

[26:00] Why you need to be knowledgeable in all aspects of digital life.

[26:15] Want to break out of the chains of your hometown? Visit NomadStack!

[26:42] If you need digital help, reach out to Travis at StudioDigita!

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[27:39] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle!

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