What’s Up, Creative Hustlers!?

Today’s episode is essentially all about commitment as an entrepreneur and creative hustler.

As Managing Partner at Resound Creative, Mike Jones is focused on aligning business, personal, and creative goals to foster amazing experiences for himself and the clients he serves.  

We sat down with Mike from our studio in San Diego while he was at his co-working spot MAC6 in Phoenix Az.

Here’s the best of our hour+ long conversation.  

  • [1:05] What makes him a #CreativeHustler
  • [6:15] Wife and kids inspire him to get up every morning. Like many of us, we strive to be able to put food on the table and a roof over our head using our creativity.
  • [9:00] As a frustrated jazz musician myself, I appreciate his take on how to find inspiration when you’re not in the mood or just feeling off.
  • [11:55] Favorite quote: “don’t half-ass two things when you can whole-ass one thing” – Ron Swanson
  • [13:20] Check out Taftly.com, Mike’s latest t-shirt line based on unsung heroes of American history
  • [16:40] What’s inside Mike’s mobile office?
  • [23:00] Mike’s struggle, yet success with consuming content and reading
  • [26:08] Check out Mike’s digital tools he can’t live without (Google Drive, Slack, Asana Task Management, Trello)
  • [31:30] Mike’s life might end if he can’t play with Pocket (haha)
  • [34:00] Melissa once again proclaims her love of Follow Up Then
  • [36:48] Airbnb or Hotel for Mike Jones?
  • [41:45] Mike’s tips for always staying connected with Wifi
  • [43:40] How to grow an agency and be successful working out of a coworking spot
  • [46:55] Mike’s worst travel moments. Nothing disastrous, but my back is itchy
  • [51:08] This is what Mike does when he’s 30,000ft in the air with no wifi or in-seat entertainment

Mike Jones contact info:

Twitter @remarkamike