What’s up, Creative Hustlers!?!

In the studio with Steven, Melissa, and Alan today recapping our latest interview with Joseph Kennedy. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Joseph’s episode, we highly recommend it. He is such a romantic. His words are elegant and thought out. At one point he even brought tears to Melissa’s eyes sharing his vision for life and the beauty his finds within it.

Joseph is the Founder of Content Pathway, the UK’s first and only environmental copywriting agency. He’s a digital nomad, world traveler, content creator, and English teacher in Tarifa, Spain. 

[00:42] Joseph left the UK and hit the road! Right now he wakes up and looks at Morocco from his balcony Tarifa, Spain. What a beautiful site that must be at the southernmost coast of Spain.

[3:10] Joseph, we gotta talk about the smoking thing.  

[4:05]  Did you know Melissa was a smoker? Gross.

[5:01] We discuss Joseph’s travels through Cambodia, Thailand, and Spain

[6:34] Duolingo for learning a language. This one comes up a lot. There’s something there, for sure. 😉

[7:12] Word Lens translates words by holding the app up to the word. Pretty neat!

[9:25] Lifestyle difference in Spain

[11:54] Steven and Joseph connect  

[10:37] Melissa has a bone to pick with @Chipotle and drops a plug to @OpenEyeGlobal on how they can seriously help!

[15:23] Friday Night is Soul Night in Tarifa.  

[17:17] Shoutout to Ishbel White, a photographer out of Scotland! Helping friends around the globe.

[19:02] Digital nomad matchmaker! What do you guys think? Should we do it?  Creativehustlermatch.com

[22:53] Tips for #CreativeHustlers: Know your limitations! Take regular breaks!

[26:10] Alan’s explanation of the serendipitous relationships that come from the energy you give out

[28:46] Stop with the limiting beliefs. Stop comparing yourself.

[29:45] Because what really matters is… “Vale la pena!”… Is it worth it? Is what you’re doing worth it?  

[30:44] About this digital life… and finding comfort in the uncomfortable.   

[33:20] Looking at it from a global and historic scale, people have always been nomadic.

[35:04] The theme of loneliness that comes with following your craft

[37:23] If you know how to deal with yourself you’re never going to be lonely. Part of this episode was rooted in stoicism. “If you really want to escape all you need is your mind.”

[38:18] Melissa’s moment of hustle

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