[Live] In today’s episode, The Creative Hustler covers the Empowered Women in Digital event, where Melissa moderated a panel of outstanding women in the digital arena on International Women’s Day with Mia Davies, Michelle Weinstein, and Maresa Friedman.

[00:34] What’s up Creative Hustlers! Live from the Empowered Women in Digital event!

[00:40] Melissa is moderating the panel, and is very excited!

[01:00] The event is happening on International Women’s Day

[01:23] On the panel tonight, Michelle Weinstein, the Pitch Queen

[01:49] Also,Maresa Friedman, the Executive Cat Herder.

[02:28] Mia Davies, now Mia Rene, who hasn’t been on the podcast, but she’s been an influencer for awhile.

[03:07] Mia transformed her business and went through a major rebrand, and it was all public.

[04:05] How Melissa feels about moderating this panel!

[04:55] This is the year of public speaking.

[05:29] Steven’s speech to prepare to go on stage!

[05:50] Let’s chat with Kevin Koskella.

[06:13] The room is packed with women and free drinks.

[07:28] Kevin’s new project – WorkHero.

[08:40] WorkHero: If you’ve got tasks, we can handle anything.

[09:06] Many people have struggles with menial tasks, when they shouldn’t have to.

[09:47] WorkHero helps people with WordPress. Any issue you can think of.

[10:07] WorkHero even offers graphic design, and it’s unlimited with they’ll do for you.

[11:05] Check it out! UseWorkHero.com, and get a 5 Day Free Trial.

[11:36] There’s a form to fill out about your project, and they’ll get back to you.

[13:00] We’re here with Todd Meisler from ZD Design.

[13:11] Todd founded SEM San Diego, with some others to create SoCal Marketing Club.

[13:44] What’s new with ZD Design! They work as business coaches for small businesses and help them get everything looking good.

[14:56] What Empowered in Digital means to Todd.

[15:47] Everyone deserves recognition, women or men.

[16:00] Where you can find Todd on the internet.

[16:48] We’re joined by Mia Davies, one of the panelists.

[17:14] A little about Mia and her business.

[18:03] What being empowered in digital means to Mia.

[18:52] One interesting fact about Mia. She’s now going by Mia Rene!

[20:05] Back with Michelle Weinstein, who was previously on the podcast!

[20:59] What empowered in digital means to Michelle!

[22:02] Businesses and entrepreneurs are embracing the changes and transformation.

[22:17] What Michelle is most excited about for tonight’s panel!

[22:55] That Empowered Women in Digital was an outstanding panel!

[23:13] Melissa crushed it as the panel moderator.

[24:00] Each person brought their own unique spin to the discussion.

[25:06] We’re joined by Maresa Friedman, the last of the panelists and another past podcast guest.

[25:48] Everyone on the panel was a badass.

[26:04] As a woman, you get multiple titles. Entrepreneur, CEO, Mom, Wife. You gotta be in different headspace.

[26:46] What does being a mom and an entrepreneur do for Maresa.

[27:12] Maresa treats her family like a client, she schedules time with them.

[27:58] Maresa’s husband is supportive, and it is so important to what she does.

[28:43] You need a team around you at all time.

[29:15] Maresa is the least digital person on the panel, but she’s still killing it.

[30:20] It’s not all about conducting your business online, and you are NOT for everybody.

[32:00] With the wrong people, time goes by SO slow.

[33:00] We’re all doing things differently because there are different paths to success.

[33:33] Where you can find Maresa on the internet.

[34:00] Maresa did a TEDX Talk on May 19th on social media and awareness.

[35:39] Maresa will be a guest again soon.

[35:56] We’re joined by Melissa and John Bertino.

[36:27] Melissa seriously crushed it as a panel moderator!

[37:20] Melissa didn’t know there was going to be theme music.

[38:07] Melissa had to nail the intro, and she completely set the tone for the whole panel.

[39:12] SoCal Marketing Club has been going through a pivot.

[39:48] SCMC is transitioning into John’s passion project, and marketing is a lifestyle.

[41:30] It’s empowering that we have a great crowd of women who are making the change to entrepreneur life.

[42:04] John didn’t give Melissa the opportunity, she GRABBED that opportunity because she deserves it.

[42:41] The panel was made up of some badass babes that Melissa got to lead and she didn’t doubt herself.

[43:42] How Melissa prepared to be a panel moderator.

[44:39] Each woman brought something different, and something someone could relate to.

[45:00] The panel was Mia Davies, Michelle Weinstein, and Maresa Friedman.

[46:10] Maresa is a mom, who travels a lot, and she balances her kids sending her messages that they miss her and crying, while you’re trying to be a digital badass.

[47:07] Now, John resonated with Maresa, because he is away from his family.

[48:05] Everyone found something that they resonated with.

[48:22] What stuck out to Melissa from tonight.

[48:53] You’re either going to repel people or attract people, but you don’t want to be in-between.

[49:19] You didn’t need to be a coach to find value from this panel.

[51:12] The Loading Dock in San Diego lends itself to events like this! Great space.

[52:37] This event is in sunny San Diego, in Little Italy, which The Loading Dock is business in the front, and party in the back. It’s worth it for out of market people to come.

[54:11] Constructive feedback on moderating a panel better.

[55:42] Great Q&A questions for the panel, and it really challenged them.

[56:55] There’s will always be a bit of sleez in selling, but you don’t have to be sleazy.

[58:20] What Melissa felt she did good, and what she felt was bad.

[59:50] The core four from Episode 1 to Episode 114.

[01:00:33] That’s a Wrap, Creative Hustlers! Check the show notes for links to all guests, and visit us on iTunes and Spotify and leave a review!

[01:01:17] Peace out, Creative Hustlers!

[01:01:25] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle.

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