John Morena is a native New Yorker; born in the Bronx, migrating to Brooklyn. Since going freelance in 2004, he enjoys projects and challenges the wind brings his way. His outstanding artistic passions lie in drawing & making animated films. One of the lucky ones, John has chosen a path that he truly feels passionate about. 

Inspiring Thoughts:

John work in sprints. Couple months on. Couple months off.

Admirable mentions:  

Polyphasic sleep – Da Vinci had a unique sleeping pattern, one that has been studied constantly since his genius graced our Earth. This book, which we have not read yet (but has been ordered) seems to break down the strategy for optimizing your sleeping patterns to be more productive.

Tim Ferris – Check out his podcast, books and blogs if you haven’t. It is beyond brilliant.

Digital Cave Dweller – Being digital nomads ourselves, the balance we find is at times, we are also digital cave dwellers. Sometimes after being on the road for weeks at a time, there is nothing better than coming home and enjoying our lovely flat together.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles – Being from NYC originally, I understand that getting around is not easy. Traffic, crazy pedestrians and horns that never stop, sometimes walking is the best mode of transportation. But if you must travel in NYC, check out this awesome app to find your way.

Practice, practice, practice presentations – This should be a no brainer. Practice your presentations and make sure you are articulating everything you truly want to say. Check this book out for some tips and tricks (and how to present in a zen manner).

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