Whats Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Zoë Björnson, product marketing manager for about.me — she’s a world traveler, side hustle evangelist, and a badass global networker.

[00:00] Want the secret to a great brand? Click here!

[01:53] Why Zoë is a badass #CreativeHustler!

[02:23] Zoë just completed a RemoteYear.

[02:50]”] Zoë wants to introduce you to the world of cheese!

[03:23] What about.me is all about!

[04:47] Steven has been an about.me user since 2012.

[05:40] Melissa didn’t really use about.me until recently, but it took her only 2 minutes!

[06:45] about.me is the beginning of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book.

[07:07] Goldfish’s Choose Your Own Adventure

[07:54] How RemoteYear works & why Zoë chose it!

[10:50] Getting accepted to RemoteYear

[11:35] Traveling gives Marketers empathy.

[11:55] The locations Zoë went to, and the top city she went to.

[12:40] Sometimes it’s about the month, not the location.

[13:55] Croatia was a great month and a great trip.

[14:47] 12 different cities allows you to know what cities you may want to LIVE in.

[15:00] Sometimes it is better to immerse yourself in a place, instead of visiting many places quickly.

[16:00] Teddy Roosevelt believed in slow travel.

[17:05] Traveling & RemoteYear helped Zoë develop a stronger sense of self-confidence.

[19:00] You can introduce yourself how you WANT during RemoteYear.

[19:49] Getting the opportunity to make a new first impression!

[20:00] Your 20s is spent figuring out who you are, what you want, and your purpose. Zoë is ahead of the game.

[21:00] You don’t have to figure out what it is you’re gonna do, but that you CAN do it!

[21:30] RemoteYear is three pieces: the travel, the relationships, and the work.

[22:00] The work was the one of the hardest issues for Zoë.

[22:50] A challenge to form such close relationships so quickly in a very unpredictable program.

[23:55] People leave in life, people come and go and sometimes shit still happens.

[24:15] Saying goodbye to people you love is tough.

[25:36] Zoë is excited by products that talk to people, and user experience in products.

[26:30] Zoë wants to create things that are a joy to use.

[27:15] Even pop-ups on websites should tell you, “Hell yeah!”

[27:45] The customer wants to know your thought process, and be more personal.

[28:15] Brands who look at it from a transactional perspective will not be successful.

[29:00] We want to buy from people we trust.

[30:10] Seth Godin comes up again – gotta read The Tribes

[30:50] You would think at this point in life we’d come up with a better system then putting a sticker on fruit with a number on it.

[31:23] Zoë is a generalist – she likes to have all the pieces of the pie.

[32:30] Zoë is ready to move into specialized realm, User Experience design!

[33:13] UEx design is where Zoë is meant to go next.

[33:35] All the levels of UEx design.

[35:00] Zoë didn’t have an interested in UEx until after her RemoteYear.

[35:45] Going from Social Media to Product Development showed Zoë about the experience.

[36:25] Zoë created a “Mad Lib” tool for helping people write their about.me bio.

[37:50] Getting to work with diverse people helps you recognize new interests.

[39:12] Mobile is where it is at for user experience.

[40:13] For about.me, they have users, but their users ALSO have users!

[40:55] Freelancers today don’t need a fancy website anymore.

[41:40] People are going to quit you if it’s too much

[42:05] Zoë would grab a drink with her grandmother.

[43:05] Zoë’s grandmother made her own “lazy susan” to use her kitchen space.

[44:30] Zoë has the unique answer in #CreativeHustler history.

[42:34] When you see & use more of services in different places, you can relate to it more.

[46:45] Traveling and experiences enrich your social library.

[47:24] BBQ are very big is Argentina – how many cultures have a BBQ culture?

[48:00] You are able to see so much with travel. You can compare themes in all cultures.

[48:45] You are never too young to write your eulogy.

[49:05] Enrich your own personal library. So many indexes to pull from in your brain & experiences.

[49:44] Having extra resources from travel gives you the stuff to draw from in creating new things.

[50:26] Where to find Zoë on the internet.

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[51:33] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle

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