[Recap] Stephen, Melissa and Alan recap Laura Pennington’s interview. Laura is an entrepreneur, content writer, and podcast host, who in 2015, threw out her whole business model and instead of continuing down Burnout Blvd, she fired half her clients and decided it was time to grow her business on her own terms.

Get ready to Hustle!

[1:37] Why Laura is the epitome of a Creative Hustler!

[2:05] Better Biz Academy is better than the BBB!

[2:33] The information Laura smashed in our face.

[3:05] Why Stephen & Melissa are thebottlenecksk in their business.

[4:00] Why Laura outsources whatever someone else can do…

[4:34] Why you can save time giving direction to others.

[5:03] Why Solopreneurs need to outsource.

[5:50] Let the people who are good at their job do the work!

[6:10] Why it is not smart business to do the work yourself.

[6:40] Your rate is higher than a virtual assistant – use that.

[7:30] How Laura’s experience helped the Creative Hustler improve.

[8:03] Know the basics: Real DJs learn on vinyl.

[8:35] Why knowing all the parts of the machine help you delegate better.

[9:00] Allow your employees to give you feedback

[9:20] How Laura helped Creative Hustler find a VA.

[9:40] Social entrepreneurship is the way to build people up.

[10:05] Laura’s niche: Technical and legal writing

[10:40] How you can make technical writing creative.

[11:23] Why knowing your niche is important.

[12:03] The variety of courses available at Better Biz Academy

[12:49] Why knowing your niche creates better products.

[13:05] If you need to learn more about your online business, you need to check out her site.

[13:15] Learning Upwork

[13:52] Alan’s experiences with using Upwork to hire.

[15:08] Guess what is super cool abou Laura Pennington!

[16:00] Why Laura listens to Wang Chung for motivation!

[16:46] You need to watch the “Everybody Have Fun Tonight’ music video!

[17:22] Bring back Wang Chung!

[17:40] The lack of fun songs in today’s music!

[18:06] Don’t miss Stephen’s singing.

[18:17] Alan’s obnoxious song choices – including Weird Al!

[19:00] Why Weird Al is a very talented musician.

[19:25] Have you ever heard of Richard Cheese?

[19:40] Pop songs covered in Jazz style!

[20:00] Alan’s bluegrass side gig.

[20:18] Stephen’s pump up songs: Including Eye of the Tiger, Simply the Best and The Final Countdown!

[21:07] Melissa is jamming to “Life is a Highway” & “Fast Car

[21:32] Why Tracey Chapman is NOT pumped up music!

[22:09] The meaning behind Fast Car, and why it motivates Melissa!

[23:10] Motivated vs pumped.

[23:25] What is your intense workout song?

[23:50] Who is 50 Cent?

[24:11] Why this episode was SUPPOSED to be #48.

[24:55] Don’t forget to check out Laura on the web!

[26:05] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


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