What’s Up, Creative Hustlers?!

In the San Diego studio this week with Melissa and Alan recapping Tuesday’s Interview with Ben Kissam. Take a listen as we dive deeper into what it means to self-sabotage and work through personal challenges and Steven’s & Melissa’s banter over meal planning.

To remind our listeners, Ben Kissam, otherwise known as Coach K is a personal coach, bestselling author, and the creator of The Coach K Show.

  • [1:45] Who is Ben (aka Coach K)?
  • [1:55] A mission to eliminate self-sabotage
  • [2:50] A 13-year journey from seventh grade to adulthood. Learning how to control weight loss.
  • [5:34] Achievement become a club, a door he couldn’t get break through
  • [8:35] If you give yourself 1% of a reason why not to do something and you won’t do it.
  • [16:38] Why Ben is doing 12 cities in 6 weeks.
  • [17:58] Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations. Staying in trenches and personal development on steroids.
  • [23:29] Traveling and experiences can be life changing. You can only go as deep as you’ve been yourself.
  • [24:40] Why being inside your own head is scary and why finding the right key can serve other people

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