What’s up, Creative Hustlers!?!

Today we’ll be talking with Dan Harding, Product evangelist for FollowUpThen, an email reminder service made for Creative Hustlers like you and I. They are on a mission to Clear out your inbox, shorten your to-do list, and ensure you never forget to followup!

[1:32] What’s make Dan a Creative Hustler?

[5:52] Take the guesswork out of following up. Followupthen.com will benefit your productivity and efficiency.

[10:15] What gets Dan up in the morning… a new day, a new canvas, and so much more!

[14:04] How do you find inspiration when you’re not feeling inspired? The biggest thing that Dan has to keep in mind is being gracious with himself. It’s far too easy to have negative self-talk.

[17:36] Dan’s chief tool is obviously FollowUpThen, but secondly, he uses todo.ly for list making. When if comes down to tools it’s all about understanding how your own brain works.

[19:28] The most challenging part of being a Creative Hustler… wondering whether or not you’re doing the right thing. Keeping the goal in mind, and the layer above the goal and below the goal in line and making sure what you’re doing is worth it.

[22:14] Imagine if we were obsessed about the things that we loved about ourselves.

[27:28] Keeping your life balanced like pancakes in the morning! 2016 might have been filled with low-lows for Dan, but those lows have shed a light on some dark corners that helped him move forward.

[33:20] From the unbalance of the hardships you can find a different type of balance.

[39:22] Did Dan just bring up one of our favorite sitcom comics, Jerry Seinfeld, to explain the art of habit formation? Yes, yes he did.

[46:51] Habit formation is like that movie with Bill Murray “What About Bob?” BABY STEPS, BABY STEPS, BABY STEPS! Melissa’s been saying that for years!

Baby steps create giant leaps over time – Melissa

  • A great book that Dan brought up about habit formation by Charles Duhigg, the New York Times author The Power of Habit

[49:24] Parting words from Dan: JUST START AND KEEP AT IT!

[49:52] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle

Contact Dan Harding: [48:23]
Dan Harding: about.me/dan.harding
Product Evangelist at FollowUpThen: followupthen.com
Co-Founder at HealthSage: healthsage.info