What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Travis Bennett, He’s a digital agency owner and founder of Nomad Stack, one of the web’s top resources for digital nomads and location independent creative hustlers.

[00:10] Don’t get hustled by the Agencies! Check out The Agency Guy!

[01:23] What’s Up Travis. Ready to get hustling?

[01:35] Why Travis Bennett is a  #CreativeHustler, and an avid traveler!

[03:04] From Australia, to Thailand, and now in Myanmar!

[05:15] A day in the life of this Digital Nomad: Work/Life balance.

[06:51] The reason behind NomadStack.

[08:10] Furiously work and then relax & the inspiration behind why Travis lives this life!

[10:22] From Digital Start-Up to Entrepreneur and how to divide up your free time.

[11:17] Break your funk with the gym!

[12:09] The freedom of making your Saturday any day of the week!

[13:04] Once you get overseas, travel and lifestyle is SO much more affordable!

[14:35] NomadStack helps you find the SMART ways to live!

[15:10] When you work hard, you can enjoy the lifestyle.

[16:02] Riding a lion with stacks of hundreds: The lifestyle entrepreneur life.

[17:00] Why Steven & Melissa work their asses off!

[17:30] Social entrepreneurism – let’s help each other.

[17:55] Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean

[18:23] Excitement for the freedom of the side hustle, including NomadStack!

[19:20] Planning and building the idea in your mind.

[20:17] The future of NomadStack!

[21:03] When the side hustle overtakes the main hustle! How do you know?

[22:07] What is going to push NomadStack to adult life?

[23:59] Motivation is the struggle of the #CreativeHustler lifestyle.

[25:00] The different work styles for a #CreativeHustler!

[26:27] Travis’s one piece of advice for a #CreativeHustler lifestyle.

[26:56] Find one client willing to pay YOU!

[27:30] When you are open to the lifestyle, you can see it is possible!

[28:36] You don’t have to quit your job, just get ONE client!

[29:19] The whole #CreativeHustler life is MINDSET!

[29:46] Travis’s productivity hacks: Coffee & Rewards!

[30:29] Rewarding yourself to avoid the freak out!

[31:13] Get a work rewards program!

[32:10] You need to celebrate the little wins!

[33:15] One win can snowball into a #CreativeHustler lifestyle!

[34:15] Use baby steps to make a project manageable!

[34:53] Don’t do anything except that ONE THING!

[35:16] Multi-Tasking isn’t always possible.

[35:40] You can’t build a giant in ONE day.

[36:22] Travis doesn’t feel as though he made any BIG mistakes.

[37:14] Sometimes the job you take just doesn’t FIT for you.

[38:30] Travis’s lesson: If they can do it, then why can’t I?

[39:03] There’s no time better than TODAY to start.

[40:00] Take the process out on a date!

[40:27] Travis would like to have Richard Branson and Tai Lopez for coffee!

[40:58] Why everyone hates Tai Lopez, but his insight is dead on!

[42:15] Even if you hate the person, they know what they are doing & do it WELL!

[44:05] Why Travel opened Travis’s eyes to opportunity.

[46:44] How to reach Travis on the internet!

[47:22] We need Travis’s beard pictures!

[47:44] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


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