The New American Dream

Today we’ll be talking with Bailey Richert, She’s a business coach for beginning and budding entrepreneurs by helping them launch profitable online enterprises based on their life experiences.

She is also the founder of the Infopreneur Summit, happening May 1st-4th 2017. And I’m especially excited to have Bailey on the show as I am one of the speakers at this year’s summit.

[1:06] Bailey Richert is a Creative Hustler because…

[2:29] Bailey explains to us what the NEW American dream is and how she went from valedictorian to a high-paying corporate job to saying “Screw the ladder” and creating her own.

[4:00] The moment Bailey decided that the 9-5 was NOT for her, and decided to chase the new American dream, and avoiding sitting in the same cubicle for 50 years!

50 YEARS! Imagine sitting in the same exact spot for 50 years.

[6:40] Self-motivation and how you continue the journey of working for yourself. Focus on the moments that keep you going.

[8:45] Learning what Bailey’s main hustle is, and what is an Infopreneur?

[10:36 ] The story of a thousand pieces of Origami…

[11:38] Diving in and finding the CORE idea for an online business and Niching down!

[13:30]”] Bailey shares keys to skyrocketing to success in an online business!

[13:56] What is lighting up Bailey and more information on the Infopreneur Summit! A four-day digital event for infopreneur business owners, which Steven is also speaking at!

[16:52] A deeper dive into the Infopreneur Summit, and why Bailey is running a one-woman show!

[19:00] Misconceptions in digital events, and gathering engagement! Don’t compare yourself to someone else’s highlight reel.

[20:10 ] I made a course and no one is buying it, and other digital woes!

[22:30] Smoke & Mirrors in online businesses, and learning to question what you see!

[25:30] Bailey’s most challenging part of living the Creative Hustler lifestyle, and remembering to shower!

[28:09] Bailey’s advice for the Creative Hustler balance, and her three techniques to manage this lifestyle and make time for yourself!

[32:06 ] The struggle of saying NO for the first time, and advice for getting into the groove of honoring your schedule.

[33:40] Who would Bailey grab a coffee with and why she wants to create a legacy.

[36:18] What is Bailey’s go to NON-coffee order, soda addiction and why she doesn’t work in coffee shops often.

[39:58] How traveling has impacted Bailey’s creative hustle, her 25 countries in 29 years, and a bit of background on Bailey’s first infopreneur product.

[44:23] Bailey’s contact info, and ways to get into the Infopreneur Summit!

[45:19] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


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Infopreneur Summit (Free Tickets Available!)