Today on The Creative Hustler, Steven, Melissa, and Alan recap Tuesday’s interview with Michelle Weinstein, the Pitch Queen and talk about the Empowered Woman in Digital panel and what legacy are you leaving behind?

[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[02:02] Today we’re recapping Michelle’s interview.

[02:15] Michelle is on the panel for Empowered Women in Digital on March 8th in San Diego.

[02:55] Michelle is the Pitch Queen. She’s all about sales and strategy!

[03:30] Selling without being sleazy is so important.

[03:50] Used car salesman are the definition of sleazy.

[05:07] Empowered Women in Digital, March 8th, 6-9pm at the Loading Dock in Little Italy, San Diego!

[05:45] Michelle was actually on Shark tank season 4!

[06:00] Michelle owned Fitzee Foods, and had a physical store but was not prepared for Shark Tank.

[07:00] Shark Tank can give you a crash course in what is wrong with your company all at once.

[07:45] Constructive criticism is really important to entrepreneurs.

[08:25] It’s easy to come up with ideas when you have a giant of team of people working on it.

[09:20] Billy Corgan discussed that it’s hard to hear criticism when you’re so used to hearing praise.

[10:25] Entrepreneurship can be…

[11:25] You evolve and step into the unknown.

[11:53] Those who have success got comfortable in being in the idea of the unknown.

[13:00] Alan was given opportunities and was always prepared to step into the unknown.

[13:47] Entrepreneurship is Indiana Jones stepping on the invisible bridge.

[14:40] Michelle gets herself pumped up for the day by working out 1 to 3 times a day!

[15:20] It’s discipline to allow time to workout multiple times a day, it’s an escape and regeneration.

[16:55] Being the descendant of immigrants who worked hard to be successful can be a driving force.

[18:19] Michelle found something with her podcast that she has a passion for.

[18:30] Michelle’s podcast was Success Unfiltered, and she’s interviewed John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Kate Erickson and Jill Stanton.

[19:15] Michelle also does Facebook live videos called coffee is for closers!

[19:45] Empowered Women in Digital has Michelle, Maresa Friedman, and Mia Rene Davies, with Melissa moderating!

[20:15] Melissa will be talking about how to sell without being sleazy, how to create value with every interaction that you have, and so many more.

[21:25] Every small little interaction could build your brand to that person.

[22:35] What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

[24:50] Steven wants to leave behind the fact that he created an awesome experience.

[25:40] That’s a wrap, Creative Hustlers!

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