In 2011 serial entrepreneur Steven Picanza’s world crumbled within a 6-month timeframe. His business needed a pivot. He’d gotten stabbed in the neck by a homeless man. He was forced to start from scratch with a huge decision on his hands – does he allow what happened to be a defining moment or does he use it as a motivational tool?

He chose the latter and leveraged it as fuel to rebuild certain parts of his business, start a new business and make better decisions in all areas of his life.

Latin & Code is his brand and marketing consultancy that he owns with his wife. The Creative Hustler is his behind the scenes podcast and blog where he shares his experience consulting brands and bringing entrepreneurs practical knowledge and tactics to live successfully.

In this podcast episode, we talk about the importance of dropping your ego as an entrepreneur to allow yourself to be teachable. We talk about the struggles that come with being a business owner. He also shares his story of selling his agency in 2012, and work after selling the agency.