You start living differently.

Things change. A lot. More than you expect and more than you want. When you truly start living the life you’ve been seeking, prepare yourself, for it’s not all champagne toasts and squishy hugs… regardless of what social media says.

Where my life is, and where it is going, I would have never imagined 10 years ago.

I’ve always dreamt beyond my means and wished and prayed and worked for more, but seeing those dreams, prayers, and work come together in what is now my current life is still completely unbelievable.

I know how I got here, through a series of good and bad choices, that I made myself, but to stand here and explain my life the way it is right now, is truly unreal.

I’m so excited! More and more excited every day.

I’m motivated. I’m so motivated by the people I surround myself with. By the man I married. By my friends and colleagues. By my family.

But it’s hard. It’s hard to be this “new” me because I’m still… me. Still. the. same. me. Just a little older and sometimes wiser.

I’ve lost friends. I’ve lost family. I’ve lost relationships I never thought would ever be lost. My relationships are different. And it’s because I’m different.

I’m different because I’ve transformed everything I wanted, prayed for, and worked hard for, into reality.

My mindset is different. My tolerance is different. My conversations are different. My reactions are different. My lifestyle is different.

It’s weird, though.

It’s weird that the people I thought would be so proud, so happy, so encouraging, so involved… aren’t.

I can only continue to grow in a way that I feel comfortable and at peace with life through this amazing journey.

I’ve been taking it in. Looking around. Noticing the changes. One thing I can truly see and feel is the peace that’s coming with all this change. I feel like a butterfly shedding its cocoon.

It feels liberating. Free. Happy. Wholesome.

Regardless of how hard it is. It’s the most rewarded I’ve ever felt.

Peace & Love,