As creatives we’re always getting inspired by the cool stuff we see around us. It doesn’t matter where we see it. On the street, on the internet… we are always collecting images, graphics and designs that inspire our own work and life.

Unfortunately, as a group we (creatives) aren’t known for our organization skills. If you’re desktop looks anything like mine it more resembles a messy collage than an reference collection.

So let me introduce you to, an easy way to store all the cool stuff you find wherever you are. You can clip images you see on any webpage, use the mobile app to save pictures you take on the go or search through their search engine (just like google) to find a collection of interesting stuff from websites all across the internet. also lets you make multiple ‘moodboards’ so you can have different collections going for different styles or projects you’re working on.

I use it everyday. You can check out here.