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12: Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

John Morena is a native New Yorker; born in the Bronx, migrating to Brooklyn. Since going freelance in 2004, he enjoys projects and challenges the wind brings his way. His outstanding artistic passions lie in drawing & making animated films. One of the lucky ones, John has chosen a path that he truly feels passionate about.

11: My Business is My Full-Time Hobby

Lee Jackson of Lee Jackson Dev (who we love always), out of the UK is a creative hustler on a mission. He’s a WordPress wiz and creates some of the most badass plugins and hacks in the biz. And if you’re into WordPress dev, you can join his private group discussing the latest tips and tricks on Facebook at WP Innovator.

Building Relationships John Bertino Agency Guy

6: Recap :: Building Relationships with The Agency Guy

[RECAP] – John Bertino from The Agency Guy stops by the San Diego studio to visit Steven, Alan, and Melissa for their very first Creative Hustler interview! Fun filled and packed with John’s tips on the psoas stretch, follow-up then, lemon water, time tracking on the go, and kale ice cream.

1: Introduction to The Creative Hustler Podcast

What’s up Creative Hustlers? I’m Steven Picanza. I want to thank you for joining me for the very first episode of the TCH Podcast. I’m truly grateful that you are taking a listen. Every week, I am going to be interviewing global entrepreneurs, creatives, digital nomads and all around bad-asses to find out the one important question we are all craving to know.