We’ve been on the road since October 1, 2017 and so much has happened in the interim that now is the perfect time to give you all an update. 

For starters, thanks for sticking with us. We’ve been fortunate enough to meetup with some of our ‘Creative Hustler’ family in all parts of the world, and for that, we’re forever grateful.

But it hasn’t been easy. In fact, this path has been quite the learning lesson. Our own inconsistencies has cost us money, time, and at times, our sanity, but I suppose that’s the whole point.

To see what works and what doesn’t work and then focus.

To Follow One Course Until Success.

With me, the problem sometimes is that there are too many ideas floating in my head. Too many areas to make an impact and add value, but ultimately what happens is I don’t stay on course long enough to see it through.

My mother always said this about me. Told me I was like a racehorse winning a race then getting sidetracked at the last minute and losing to the horse who was slow and steady.

Again, it comes down to consistency. It’s golden rule of branding, marketing and let’s face it… Life.

That said, it’s now April and I know what you’re thinking… So where are Melissa and I now?

Well, currently we’re in a cabin in the mountains of Colorado.

Gaining some solitude and a chance to catch our breath after a first quarter that saw us go from Sicily to me teaching a class at Drexel University, to bouncing around between Boston, Philly, and NYC, and finally hitting some conferences in San Diego and Las Vegas; it’s been a f!ckn whirlwind.  

Between balancing our client work with our consultancy Latin & Code, continuing our strategic advisor role with The Agency Guy, trying to keep up with our teaching schedules (Drexel University and SCORE) as well as keeping our relationship goals front & center (#powercouple), the ebb & flow of life and business seemed to get the best of us.

Me personally, I was burned out. The Creative Hustler is our behind the scenes, yet it became crazy complicated and our lens became blurry.

Stripping away all the BS and returning to our roots seems like the right move at this juncture.

So what happens from here?

I just hope you’re willing to stick with us for the ride of a lifetime and find some value along the way.

Until next time, Peace Out Creative Hustlers!