Whats Up Creative Hustlers!

Sitting at the airport in NYC waiting for my plane, it occurred to me that we all don’t have the same internal hustle clock.

While some of us are patiently waiting for life to hand us our next move, others are frantically trying to make lemonade out of tap water sugar packets.


Why is everyone running around with the most insane look of busy on their face when other are even-keeled and on top of their game?

It’s funny. An airport is a great place to people watch and get inspired. I’m inspired because the majority of people I see fall into one of the categories above. Waiting for a handout or making themselves crazy by being busy; even though their strategy doesn’t allow for productivity.

It also astounds me the way people act when put in a high-stress environment like an airport. I get it, flying bring anxiety. It does for all of us. But does that constitute you being an asshole? Rude? Entitled?

No. We are all here for the same reason, to get from point A to point B. Who are you to think your point B is more important than mine? Because it isn’t.

What do you observe when traveling? How does it make you feel?

Make it a great week Creative Hustlers.


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