I travel not to get to where I am going, but to experience the journey of getting there. Yeah, if this sounds like a famous quote, it is because all great minds and people of inspiration have probably said something similar at one point or another. It isn’t so much about the thrill of being someplace you have never been before, but the lasting impression of the experience you just had. Hence the term ‘Return on Experience’.

To date, I have been to 16 countries, 25 states and 1 planet. But in my mind, I have only scratched the surface of what the term “travel” truly means. Being a Creative Hustler is about knowing that the true purpose of life, as well as travel, is to experience. Experience different cultures, food, languages, and ways of living. But there is also a constant to see what is the same such as laughter, love, joy, sports, music and arts. These experiences, as eye opening as they can be, mean nothing if we are not open as a person to embrace them. As travelers, we can be so ignorant to how other people live. Turn that around and embrace how other people live. That is true essence of the journey.

Our Return on Experience comes from seeing the world with our eyes wide open and being inspired to take these experiences with us. To us, the adventure of life is what is worth living. It’s a lifestyle that at times in a constant struggle to stay motivated with. But we must remember that it is “not the destination, but the journey” that we are living for.

All this makes me wonder and ask the rhetorical question of: “What will my obituary say?” Boy, I hope it says I lived a creative and fulfilling life.