Step 1. Let's Get Acquainted

What’s up, Creative Hustlers? I’m Steven Picanza, co-founder (with my wife Melissa) of the branding and marketing consultancy Latin & Code. I'm also an educator and guest speaker, and a strategic advisor with The Agency Guy.

Welcome to my behind the scenes page where I share resources, strategies, and tips to live your life successfully at the intersection of creativity and business… And I’m taking my wife and business associates with me for the ride.

After 15 years of working with amazing brands, the sickest creative firms, and with the most talented people I’ve ever met, I’m taking my know-how, knowledge and experience and bringing straight value to your emerging business.

You see, as a former gigging musician and small business owner, I understand first hand the difficulty in turning your creative passion and purpose into profit. Running the day-to-day operations of your business while still trying to stay strategic, positive, and creative can be one of the most frustrating aspects of doing what we do.

Though the podcast, blog, and resources I’m sharing, I hope my experience, animated nature, and cast of characters I run with are able to provide you with value, the resources, and kick in the ass needed to grow and scale your business.

Let’s do this!  

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Step 2. Turn us up in your headphones with
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Interview Episodes:

Interviewing creatives, entrepreneurs, and lifestyle badasses around the world who are living at the intersection of creativity and business, we have them share their secrets, hacks, and strategies to becoming and staying successful.

BONUS Episode

Short, bite-size episodes focusing on one specific topic, tip, or trick pertaining to branding, sales, marketing, social media, leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity etc...

LIVE Episodes: 

Steven and Melissa take the show on the road to different events around the world and record 'live' on location.

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