Where do we even start?

First off, thanks so much for hitting our page. We’re so incredibly grateful you found your way.

We're Steven and Melissa, a husband & wife team on a mission to live where creativity & business intersect and share our crazy and hopefully entertaining journey along the way.

By experience, we're brand builders, digital strategists, and social butterflies looking to design a life that works for us while traveling the world and enjoying every minute of it.

So what's a #CreativeHustler?

It's a framework to leverage our inside purpose and natural born talents to spot and capitalize on opportunities.

It's a definition being defined every day by Creative Hustlers like YOU from around the world.

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Step 1. Get to know us.

2011 - The Creative Hustler was born while Steven was building his first business and facing some pretty big life changing events. Listen to episode 1 of the Podcast to hear the story.

2011 - We met in San Diego at an entrepreneur event. How fitting!

2012-14 - Worked at some cool agencies w/ awesome brands (Steven - branding & creative, Melissa - digital & social)

2014 - Started our company Latin & Code, joined the OpenEye Global team, and became a Strategic Advisor with The Agency Guy.

2015 - Ideated what The Creative Hustler was. Still had nothing but an idea.

April 2015 - Got married in Stresa, Italy!

June 2016 - Spoke at IED (European Institute of Design) and NMEU16 in London, UK. Got so inspired that on the plane ride home we strategized the podcast and business model for The Creative Hustler.

October 2016 - Launched our podcast and new website & brand with a new sense of motivation and creative inspiration.

Step 2. Join the #CreativeHustler community.

Listen to our podcast where we seek out how to find balance as global entrepreneurs and #CreativeHustlers. New episodes out every Tuesday & Thursday.

After writing and being published in such awesome sites such as Huffington Post, Advertising Week, and HubSpot, I bring my inspiring and no-bullshit approach to your inbox every Sunday. Sign up for the #CreativeHustler Newsletter and get Sunday motivation for the week and Thursday updates on new happenings.

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Step 3. Connect & Celebrate 

Embrace the energy, and be more of a #CreativeHustler than you ever thought possible by following and engaging with us. We love to meet new and awesome people from around the world.