What’s Up, Creative Hustlers!?

Stoked to announce that both Melissa and I were featured on the Remote Lifestyle Podcast with Victor Kung this past week.

I know you’ve heard us use the tactic of “inviting yourself to someone else’s party.”

That is exactly how we connected with Victor. He reached out to us, got a Skype meeting on the books and then we planned for our joint podcast strategy.

Moral of the story: Don’t be afraid to reach out to anyone. The worst that can happen is an empty response, which we’ve all encountered at one point or another.

Best thing that can happen? A new friendship. A new podcast. And a new opportunity to add value to someone’s life you never met before.

Have a great Valentine’s Day, Creative Hustlers!

<3 Steven & Melissa

picanza remote lifestyle

Listen to Steven’s episode on The Remote Lifestyle Podcast HERE

melissa remote lifestyle

Listen to Melissa’s episode on The Remote Lifestyle Podcast HERE