What is a design? Ask any graphic design professional the same and you will have a million answers. Every designer perceives design differently. The main purpose of design is to communicate and every designer does so in his or her own way. However, if you really want to stoke your design pursuits you must know the factors that apply to all designs; just like the letters of the alphabet apply to all sentences and words.

Like writing, we figure out how to use applicable elements in order to communicate an idea or thought. Similarly, design too requires you to solve problems, plan and most important of all, create. After all, we use different principles of grammar to write cohesively. You wouldn’t expect random ideas or thoughts to make sense if they are not well written; would you? The same applies to design. The only difference is that the latter uses different elements to communicate visually.  It is these elements that ultimately work together as a whole to produce a design that can be called successful. The rest is left to the skill and creativity of designers.

What are the ABCs of design? More specifically, what are the elements that every visual design has in common? All that will be answered.

The ABC of Design

posted originally by Evan Brown on DesignMantic