Escaping the 9 to 5 and getting out of the office to work from a remote location, can give you a real boost, make you feel energised and inspired to innovate. Numerous studies have showed that people’s contribution and creativity is maximised when they find purpose and happiness at work.

Sunset over Silhouette of People Near Body of Water

If you’re the kind of person that feels happier when to traveling, combining your work and passions, and thrive in beautiful environments that make you feel restored and think clearer then there are some exciting ways you can converge travel and work this summer!

1) Offsite Immersive by Southwest Collective Guia – Portugal 11-18 September

For people who looking for a truly meaningful community-oriented experience that combines travel and work look no further that Offsite Immersive, a week long all-inclusive coworking retreat in the south of Portugal, a region recognised by its landscapes like cliffs, islands, lagoons and endless sandy beaches.

Founders Ana Henneberke and Claudia Cristovao are big believers that passions and hobbies practiced alongside a day job, have a huge positive influence in someone’s work. With its main pillar being the science of happiness, this retreat is also an opportunity leverage the benefits of disconnecting, being present, paying attention to the world around and creating deep connections.

“We want to people to leave their regular office and come to a place that enables cross-pollination of ideas across different fields, work on their professional projects or startup, exchange and learn new skills through flash-talks and deep-dives, look after their own well-being by exercising, meditating and unplugging from technology, and feel inspired by this beautiful place that is the Algarve.” says co-founder Ana Henneberke.

Applications for Offsite Immersive are now open, but places are limited! Participants come from all over the world including San Francisco, London and Milan, and work from some of the industry most recognizable companies like MOO, Piktochart and Magic. Cost: from £738. What’s included: luxury accommodation w/ pool and garden, healthy meals, shared kitchen, workspace and laundry facilities, guest speakers, learning, facilitated goal setting and project tracking, activities and field trips. Refer a friend and get £120 off your ticket!

2) NomadPass

NomadPass is a service that gives you access to numerous locations to work from around the globe. If you want to escape the office but prefer to have more flexibility with your own time and schedule, this service could your travel and work option this summer.

Designed for employees, digital nomads and entrepreneurs, its goal is to allow you to discover places to travel and work, and join a community of professionals wherever you go. Founders Guillaume and Maria “believe the future of work is remote and no longer tied to a stationary 9-5 job. Working remotely means having the flexibility and the ability to chose authentic ways to be more productive.”

NomadPass is currently in Beta stage, but it promises to be a one-stop shop for people who work remotely for shorter or longer periods of time. The way it works- sign up to get an individual profile that gives you access to numerous places to work around the globe, a community of professionals and local survival guides
Cost: FREE What’s included: Discovery of coworking & co-licing spaces around the globe, online community, survival guides.

3) Roam

Roam is a co-living community testing the boundaries between work, travel and life adventure. They allow members to live around the world with one single lease. Offering locations that support diverse community with spaces for events and workshops, for example their organise fast-talks to popup dinners.

Roam co-living distinguish themselves by their comfortable accommodation, each room includes private bathroom, queen or king size bends and Parachute bedding.

This is a great option if you want to choose to travel for a longer period of time this summer. Idealy for a minimum of 1 month you’ll experience a high quality way of living, with a community that shares communal spaces like kitchen and coworking space, in some incredible locations like Miami, Bali and Madrid (from June 1st).

Cost: from $500pm. What’s included: private room and bathroom, unlimited Wi-Fi, co-working space, shared kitchen, laundry facilities.

Whichever of these you choose, there are more options available to us than ever before.

How will you combine travel and work this summer?